Love Note – Please Mr Kennedy

Please Mr Kennedy

This week, I’ve written about my favourite silly song from an excellent film, and discuss how it might just be a bit of an allegory for life. Find out more here

Love Note – Having a cold


PSA: I have a cold. I am so tempted to throw myself a pity party, but maybe this snot-fest is inviting me to really practice some good self-care. Read my latest Love Note here

Love Note – Avant gardish style (AKA anything but athleisure)


My inner fashion editor wants to see an end to athleisure. Read my latest Love Note to find out why.

Love Note – Grandma and all older people


My Grandma is turning 93 today, so my Love Note is dedicated to her and all the wonderful older people in society.

Love Note – A friend in need

the park

I use this week’s Love Note to send love and light to a friend who’s having a hard time. Read her greatest hits here

Love Note – TV 2019


2019 is looking like it’s going to be an excellent year on the box: I round up the shows I’m most looking forward to.

Love Note – The joys of rediscovering an old iPod


A night spent dancing around to some of my favourite songs from my late teens and early twenties provided inspiration for this week’s Love Note.

Love Note – Ave Maria

Lake Pukaki

My latest Love Note looks at a song I cared very little about until Christmas 2018, sung by a man I also cared little about until very recently. I now love both.

Love Note – Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has become a very important part of my life and I think it’s time people knew why.

Love Note – Non-Christmas Christmas films


My latest Love Note lists my favourite non-Christmas Christmas films: films that feel festive, joyous and hopeful but don’t necessarily revolve around the 25th December.

Love Note – Tofu Thursdays

Tofu 1

I’ve taken a foodie turn this week and discussed an important weekly Harping On tradition: Tofu Thursdays. Recipe included.

Love Note – Expecto Patronum


In today’s Love Note, I wax lyrical about J.K. Rowling’s ‘Patronus’ charm and one of my all time favourite Harry Potter characters, Professor Lupin.

Love Note – The Spice Girls


I’m embarking on series of love notes to offer a short, sassy perspective on the stuff I love most. First up: The Spice Girls.

New Zealand: podcasts we listened to


I finally get onto the podcast bandwagon with My Dad Wrote a PornoSerial and The Guilty Feminist.

New Zealand: music we listened to


I discuss the albums that became the soundtrack to my six week tour of New Zealand

Skull Money

Skull Money

Published 17th June 2017

[…] ‘By accident I was given two skull coins

By two faceless strangers’ […]